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Slenderman preys on lost children.

Creepypastas are considered the new era of horror in media and have inspired great fear and terror in readers or viewers of these tales, especially the anomalous beings of the Foundation. Whether they be alternate versions of an existing character, original ideas or creatures and beings locked up for study and containment, they are irredeemable and monstrous entities and people would will be glad don't exist. 

Fanfiction Creepypasta

  • The NES Godzilla Creepypasta has Red, an Eldritch Abomination who serves simply as a rather creepy Recurring Boss at first, until the player notices that he doesn't take kindly to being insulted. Later, he starts showing his true colors, taunting the player about his best friend's death and tearing down and devouring an angel that tried to protect the player's monster. The full extent of his malevolence is shown at the end of the game, where he binds the player telekinetically to his seat, so he's forced to play the game, taking away his ability to pause the game to rest and making him feel every bit of pain that his monsters should be feeling from his attacks, including a blast of Hellfire and being devoured, for no particular reason other than entertainment. He also states that he has to let the player play and have a chance because he can't break the game's rules directly, otherwise he'd just kill him outright. After going One-Winged Angel and defeating the player, he reveals that it was him that tormented his friend with psychic assaults and drove her to (apparent) suicide and tries to stop the player's heart. He has to be saved by the spirit of his friend, who provides an Eleventh-Hour Superpower to defeat Red, but not without revealing first that he tortured her even after death, just like he torments the apparently living creatures that also reside in the game. And we never get anything to explain his actions, so we're left to assume he did it for fun.
  • Sonic.exe:
    • X is a monster resembling Sonic the Hedgehog. Trapped in another dimension, X created a cursed Sonic game. Once someone had played through the game, a portal would open up, allowing X to tear the players soul out of their body and take them back to his world for eternal torture. In Sonic.exe Round 2, it is revealed that X has killed thirty-one people, and plans to one day permanently cross over to Earth and turn it into a realm of eternal suffering. Viewing all of humanity as toys for his amusement, X is as evil as a Creepypasta monster could be.
    • Shannon Goldman is the leader of the Cult Of X that worship the aforementioned monster. Viewing all of humanity as "stupid" and the Earth as "filthy", she formed the Cult to help X with his Evil Plans. Shannon and her cult deliver the game to unsuspecting people, allowing X to claim more victims. After X has killed the victim, Shannon sends a member of her cult to retrieve the game and move on to the next victim. When a member of the cult named Cole realizes how evil they are and tries to stop them, they make him X's next victim. When detective Derek Green comes close to stopping them and destroying the game, Shannon and her cult tie him up, insert the game, and allow X to kill him. Shannon later sends Derek's friend Bob Richardson an audio file of Derek's death, likely as a way of taunting him about his friend's fate.
  • Five Nights at Freddy's Hidden Lore: Peter was a member of Fazbear Management, as well as the Big Bad of the audio tracks. He set about murdering children, believing that murdering them and sealing their souls into the animatronics would improve business. In the second audio track (link), he murders a girl after she and her friends infiltrated the pizzeria, and he pins the blame on a janitor. In the next video (link), he disguised himself as Golden Freddy, and he lured a young boy into the back, murdered him, and imprisoned his soul inside the Puppet. Later on, he locks a repairman in the pizzeria (link), and he leaves him to the mercy of the animatronics as a means of covering his tracks. When he was confronted by the spirits of the children that he had murdered in the fourth video (link), he mocked them for being stupid enough to follow him, and that he would see them in Hell.
  • In Mr. Betty Krueger's Jeff the Killer audio dramas, Zalgo is an Eldritch Abomination who wants to be freed from his prison so he can turn Earth into a nightmarish world of eternal suffering. In House Of Jeff The Killer, he revived Jeff, and ordered him to kill three thousand people for him so that their bodies could be sacrificed to him. In Blood Of Jeff The Killer, he is revealed to have corrupted children and turned them into killers for his army, and to have allowed Jeff to torment Jane in her nightmares. After being revived, he drains Dr. Englund's life force and raises an army of zombies to slaughter the world. During this, he taunts Jane and Toby about their pasts and the deaths of their family members. Even in a world filled with killers, rapists, and man-eating monsters, Zalgo manages to stand out as a thoroughly horrible being.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has become a shocking success with both children and adults alike, so because of it, it was inevitable that fans or non-fans would create Creepypasta and grimdark stories based on the show where they either give Adaptational Villainy to a main character or make original characters who are depraved monsters Two noteworthy examples include:
    • Pinkie Pie, or rather Pinkamena Diane Pie, from Cupcakes is a cannibalistic Serial Killer who draws a random pony's name out of a hat, then drugs them and brings them down to her basement where she will torture and mutilate her victims, using their innards and organs as ingredients for her cupcakes. Pinkie Pie is shown to take sadistic pleasure in torturing ponies and killing them slowly, and will even cut off their wings and cutie marks and fashion them into clothes Ed Gein style. When she draws Rainbow Dash's name, one of her five best friends in Ponyvile, Pinkie Pie doesn't hesitate, stating to Raindow Dash that it's nothing personal as she tortures and murders her. Pinkie Pie is also revealed to be an Evil Mentor to Applebloom, training her to torture and murder ponies too, introducing her about to start off with Silver Spoon. In sequels to the story, Pinkie also kills Rarity under the false promise of sparing Sweetie Belle and psychologically breaks Fluttershy by slowly killing Angel Bunny in front of her before moving onto her.
    • Big McIntosh from Sweet Apple Massacre, unlike his quiet and kind canon self, is a monstrous pedophile and murderer who after being annoyed by the Cutie Mark Crusaders' antics for too long proceeds to lock them in the basement and rape, torture and mutilate the poor fillies, including his younger sister Applebloom, to death with sadistic glee. After being finished with the three of them, Big McIntosh then plans to do the same to his other sister Applejack when she stumbles upon his crime.

Original Creepypasta

  • The Dating Game Creepypasta has one that especially stands out among the genre's many disturbing villains: the unnamed woman who the protagonist falls in love with. She seems like a sweet person, but when her husband stumbles upon an old laptop of hers in her house's basement, he finds out the true extent of her depravity. Her sweet personality is a façade, she's a murderous sociopath of a bitch who killed her husband and two sons in horrifically brutal ways and filmed these acts in order to keep them around for her sick sexual pleasure. To elaborate on said murders, she stabbed her husband multiple times as well as gouged out one of his eyes while he was busy choking on his blood and vomit, boiled her older son alive with heating lamps while whipping him with a glass-studded belt each time he cried out, and injected an acidic fluid in her INFANT SON and let him slowly suffocate before bashing his head open against a wall. And when her new husband found this out, she attempts to kill him by placing a block of hot ice in his lap and rapes him with a screwdriver (Fortunately, he's rescued and she was put on death row). And when executed, she shows no remorse for her crimes and plans to get back at him from the afterlife (Which the ending shows probably happened). What makes her so terrifying is that people like her exist in real life (Minus the hokey supernatural bits at the end), and it's disturbing to think about hooking up with the ideal lover only to find out that they're a depraved Serial Killer!
  • Another revolting Creepypasta villain would be Laughing Jack from the Creepypasta of the same name. He's a sadistic demonic clown... thing that manifests as the imaginary friend of a child, and slowly Mind Rapes his mother by giving her vivid nightmares, subtly plays off of Adult Fear by giving her son candy from seemingly nowhere, then makes a much more violent advance by butchering her dog and terrifying her son. And this comes to a head at the climax where he savagely murders her six year old son by nailing him to his bedroom wall and tears him open to leave his internal organs dripping out. As if this wasn't bad enough, the bastard laughs at the mother for not being able to protect her son, then gets her to accidentally finish off her son via a knife to the heart (Yes, Her son was alive despite being disemboweled). This results in her being blamed for the murder of her son, and she is sent to a mental institution where Jack is slowly waiting to kill her as well. And given the implications of the nightmare she had at the start of the story, Jack has had hundreds of victims before taking her son's life.
  • Mr. Bear from the Creepypasta 1999, a truly sick bastard clad in a bear costume with an affinity for butchering children. During the years 1997 through 1999, he ran a channel on Canadian television where he aired several disturbing programs that had unsettling imagery and served the purpose of luring children into his trap. Over the course of his shows "Booby" and "Mr. Bear's Cellar", he had a group of children gathered up and tortured through the episodes in ways such as breaking the hand of one child, snipping off the finger of another, poisoning all the others, and finishing the shows up with him taking them out into a forest where he dumped them into a pit then burned them all to death. If that wasn't disturbing enough, he was never found by the police and is still out there with his sights set on hunting down the protagonist (A guy who was almost lured to Mr. Bear's home in his childhood and could have become a victim) and dragging him back to his cellar, which he plans on making "even comfier than before". The only motivation he really has is explained in two of the other shows he ran, one where he claims that all humans are garbage and must be "cleaned up" and one where he rants about the coming of Satan and that people must appease him before it's too late, meaning that he's simply an insane cultist who is systematically brutally murdering children in the name of religion.
  • The nameless cook who runs the circus-themed restaurant called Honkers from Extra Ketchup is a hulking, foul, ogreish clown who seems like a standard vulgar asshole, but hides an incredibly dark secret. It's apparent from when the protagonist meets him that he's not a nice guy: he constantly denies him extra ketchup with increasing anger before going apeshit and trying to murder him when the protagonist insults his food. But when the protagonist has a look inside of a semi that's delivering supplies to Honkers, he finds out that this guy has been having tons of children brought in all packed tightly so he can butcher them and serve them up as hamburgers for his customers. Most of the children are dead on arrival due to starvation and the piss-poor living conditions, yet some are still alive and are likely to meet their ends at the cook's butcher knife. Add this horrifying revelation to the heavy implications that his staff consists of brainwashed teenagers, and you have one hell of a nasty guy on your hands.
  • The Alice Killings: The Alice Killer was a Serial Killer who viewed death as being greater than life. He would abduct his victims often when they were alone, and he would then murder them. He would proceed to dismember the bodies beyond recognition, and he would then leave a playing card as his calling card. He was also shown on a security camera with a moving garbage bag in his hands. In one of his murders, he sewed a crown on one of his victim's heads most likely when they were still alive, and he also broke in through a window to murder two of his victims while they were still sleeping. The Alice Killer also ultimately caused one of the victims' mothers to commit suicide out of grief and he also caused her husband to endure several therapy sessions.
  • From the Slender Man Mythos, we have Albert Conaghan from the Seeking Truth series. Zeke Strahm initially believes that he has been masquerading as the Slender Man while kidnapping the teens that Strahm has been looking for. Conaghan's track record makes it forgivable for Strahm to believe so, what with him having been a known kidnapper and serial rapist for years beforehand who got away with it thanks to well-paid lawyers. But as it turns out, Conaghan had actually become The Dragon for Slendy, presumably kidnapping all those teens for Slendy to kill.
  • Beware the Good Samaritan: Bobby Fields was a vicious gang leader who terrorized the neighborhood. Bobby and his gang would mug people at knife-point and beat homeless people to death for fun. When the mysterious Nazar stopped the gang from killing a homeless man, Bobby vowed to take revenge on Nazar, stating he would torture and kill him. The gang later ambushed Nazar while he was walking home. As the gang attempted to kill Nazar, a monstrous entity known as "The Judge" showed up and began "punishing" the group for their crimes. As Bobby attempted to flee, leaving his gang behind to be killed, Nazar knocked him out and took him back to his home. Nazar scolded Bobby for his crimes, but stated that he would not harm him since he was a pacifist who believed in turning the other cheek. As Nazar prepared to free Bobby, Bobby prepared to kill Nazar despite believing that Nazar had saved him from The Judge. The Judge appeared and reminded Nazar that there was one crime Nazar would not allow to go unpunished: child molestation. Bobby and his gang had raped four underage girls, aged twelve to fourteen. Once Bobby made it clear he felt no remorse, saying they were asking for it, Nazar decided to kill Bobby.
  • Patient 88: The psychopathic Mr. Richards is a depraved Serial Killer who kidnaps women, locks them in his shed, and slowly starves them to death to see how long a human could last without food. He's repeated this process to at least eight women, and kickstarts the story when he ambushes and kidnaps the young Tavy Mord (the titular Patient 88), intending to do the same to her. Knocking her unconscious and dragging her to his basement due to the fact she couldn't talk to him, Richards begins starving her. When Tavy finds the corpses of his previous victims, Richards beats her unconscious again and cuts out her eyes. Though the ultimate effect is unintentional on his part, when Tavy is finally found and Richards is arrested, Tavy has a fatal heart attack from the shock of the incident and the fact that Richards got off easy for his crimes, and she turns into the murderous, undead Patient 88. Motivated by little more than sick curiosity, Mr. Richards stood out even in the face of literal monsters, including the one he created.
  • The Toadman Saga: Keith "Toadman" Lesler was a (literally) Ax Crazy Serial Killer who was executed for murdering dozens of children. On the brink of death, the Shadowbeast offers him the opportunity to return every 30 years. In the first part he targets Abram Linfeld, beheading his two friends Donny and Angie and tying there heads to his waist. He then attacks Abram chopping off his leg, who only survives thanks to a crate of fireworks. In the second part a policeman, Tyler Smith, comes to investigate the murders. When he and local beat cop Doyle Wheeler head down to the mine shaft, Doyle, under the influence of the Shadowbeast, attacks Tyler. When this fails The Toadman beheads Doyle, and then forces Tyler to free the Shadowbeast.

nosleep Subreddit

  • How I Escaped from a Cult: Charlie Stocke was the self-appointed prophet of the Third Reincarnation of the King, as well as the alleged third reincarnation of Christ. Stocke convinced several of his followers into going with him into the wilderness, and he forced them to work eight hours a day. He placed most of the memebers on the "prayer list" as a means of breaking them into submission, and he purposefully starved them. He later sentenced a married couple to death when they tried to leave the cult, and he also executed the narrator's parents. Four more members died from execution while the remaining members of the TRK either died from starvation or resorted to cannibalism. Stocke eventually tried to orchestrate a mass suicide, but he got burned alive and eaten.
  • I Dared My Best Friend to Ruin My Life: David King, the titular "best friend," is a sadistic psychopath dead-set on destroying the life of Zander Smith. During an extended period of boredom, David dares Zander to try to ruin his life. Zander, thinking that David is merely proposing a prank war, accepts and challenges David to try to ruin his in return. David, however, has other ideas. Initially, David works behind the scenes doing things like getting Zander fired from his job, hacking his social media profiles, and stealing his identity to ruin his finances. However, he is dissatisfied with Zander's comparatively tamer attempts at retaliation and decides that he needs "motivation." To this end, he has Zander's girlfriend kidnapped and threatens to have her killed if Zander does not participate in their "game." He breaks into Zander's house, strangles one of the other residents to death, then tries to pin the crime onto Zander. He additionally burns down his own house, killing his mother, in another effort to frame Zander. Realizing that he'll end up getting bored again if Zander actually goes to prison for the crimes he's been framed for, David assists him in escaping from police custody by murdering two cops. During Zander and David's final confrontation, David casually shoots and kills his own accomplice for no reason without hesitation, and then attempts to do the same to Zander's girlfriend seemingly just to spite Zander. As Zander himself concludes, David is an unfeeling sociopath who does things to hurt others simply for cheap thrills.

SCP Foundation

Gods and Eldritch Horrors

  • The Scarlet King, born Khahrahk, is an Old God and serves as the Ultimate Evil and Greater-Scope Villain of the SCP Multiverse. Born the smallest but most self-aware of his siblings, Khahrahk could not bare the pain of existence and declared that he would destroy it and the Tree of Knowledge, Life and Creation. After devouring his siblings, Khahrahk conquered the Darkness Below, killing, tormenting and enslaving countless gods and entities across the multiverse and rose to become the feared and malevolent Scarlet King and then raped his wife Sanna to death before making his daughters his new brides and the mothers of the Leviathans, seven Eldritch Abominations that have helped their father lay waste to entire universes. The Scarlet King had gained various worshipers and allies, in which the Foundation stumbled upon when they found seven underage girls impregnated with the titular god's children who contained the seven seals needed to free the Scarlet King from his imprisonment, with six of them being born and going on to massacre thousands of innocent people. When the time comes, the Scarlet King will return and continue his war on creation in which mankind and all life will battle him in a apocalyptic war for the fate of the mutiverse itself. A nihilistic and nightmarish lord of darkness and destruction, the Scarlet King will destroy everything if unleashed into our universe.
  • Jeser, the Prince of Many Faces, is The Dragon to the Scarlet King and a narcissistic and prideful god who ruled over countless dimensions as a hedonistic tyrant. After the Scarlet King invaded his domain, Jeser sold out his worlds and its people in exchange for joining the King of Darkness Below's royal court, a position he relished as he assisted his master in conquering and destroying countless universes and dimensions. Jeser also took sadistic pleasure in inflicting pain and suffering on various worlds and warp the wills of mortals into becoming corrupt and violent people as well as sow seeds of chaos among the other gods. Though he serves as one of the right hands of the Scarlet King, Jeser utterly despises his master, envious of his power and concubines, and only follows him due to being too weak to usurp him.
  • The Ambassador of Alagadda serves under the Hanged King as a representative of the Court of Alagadda. Unlike his indifferent king, the Ambassador is a sadist who finds human suffering to be fun and is actually the true ruler and supreme being of Alagadda who corrupted the once human Hanged King and his royal court into transforming the realm of Alagadda into its current twisted form. The Ambassador manipulated famous poet Christopher Marlowe into creating SCP-701, a play that once performed will Mind Rape its actors, crew and the audience into becoming homicidal maniacs that has caused countless massacres, suicides and ritualistic sacrifices for over 300 years will currently the only survivors being participants at a high school that were traumatized to the point of becoming psychotic or comatose. When the Foundation send a squad of Mobile Task Force operatives to Alagadda, the Ambassador used his powers to torture and murder them, sparing one operative and sending them back as a warning but not before showing them the face of the Hanged King, which left the survivor so traumatized that he now constantly tries to kill himself, even after having his limbs removed.
  • He-Who-Made-Dark is He-Who-Made-Light's twin brother and the primordial entity who birthed the darkness within the Void and is the father of the Brothers Death and the Neverwere. Creating the lower multiverse and plains of existence alongside his brother, He-Who-Made-Dark waged war against He-Who-Made-Light with the Neverwere to attempt to destroy existence itself out of spite but was sealed away outside of the multiverse with part of its being being sealed inside of SCP-435 in which this small piece is capable of destroying entire countries and nations if let loose.


  • SCP-204 likes children who are these, particularly ones with Dark And Troubled Pasts. It will follow them around and obey their commands. In typical Foundation fashion, 204 is a cloud of nanobots that can solidify into enormous, brutal constructs to annihilate whatever its host wishes it to and required an AC-130 "Spectre" and M1 Abrams to capture initially.
  • SCP-089 is a living idol that demands that a child be sacrificed to it, or it will cause large natural disasters such as floods, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and so on and so forth. Having a child sacrificed to it is bad enough, but it's especially heinous due to the fact that the SCP spawns a specific child to be used in the sacrifice, and will only accept it if its own mother carries it out. And the death of the sacrifice isn't a quick one either, the child is placed in a cavity inside the idol where it is pretty much cooked alive in a process that lasts several hours. It is heavily implied that it does this purely for the hell of it.
  • SCP-953 is an Ax Crazy kumiho who commits all sorts of horrifying atrocities against people for no other reason than because she can. Her crimes range from convincing a mother to eat her own child, to killing an agent's wife and forcing him to watch her rape his wife's corpse, to systematically butchering a ton of attendees at a furry convention. She also murdered an agent and performed sexually indecent acts on the corpse just for the pleasure of it.
  • SCP-352 is the Baba Yaga, a Russian hag who puts up webs of her hair to ensnare people with so she can eat them, which she does over the course of a week or so which puts her victims through an agonizingly slow death. And did we mention that she absolutely loves infant flesh and greatly prefers it to adult flesh?
  • SCP-106 is an utterly terrifying Humanoid Abomination that causes everything he touches to decay and rot, and will subject his victims to this fate at an agonizingly slow rate. He does this by tossing them into a pocket dimension that he has full control over where time passes by at a different rate than ours (it's hinted that a second out here is pretty much an eternity in there). Once the victim arrives, he cuts their tendon so they can't run away from him while he hunts them down and slowly kills them over a period of time ranging from a few hours to several days before tossing the mangled corpse back into our world. He especially loves to hunt children, and will spend Halloween stalking and killing kids then sorting their bones the way one would sort Halloween candy. And if his pure and unbridled sadism wasn't obvious enough, it's very apparent through the only way he can be lured back if he escapes containment: a male D-Class's femur has to be broken because the sounds of his screams is the only thing that will attract SCP-106. And chances are that more pain may have to be inflicted in case he's feeling particularly sadistic and won't come.
  • SCP-993 is an Eldritch Abomination who acts as a television program that uses a clown named Bobble to brainwash children by showing them all sorts of depraved acts such as murder, torture, cannibalism, and arson and gets them to carry these acts out in real life. One short story on the site mentions that this isn't its first rodeo: it has existed from the dawn of time and has always been encouraging violence in humans, starting off with teaching them about the killing properties of fire. And right now, it is pissed due to having its broadcasts intercepted by the agency and has plans on releasing all the SCP's from their containment, which would without a doubt end poorly. VERY poorly.
  • SCP-1048, known as the Builder Bear, at first seems like a cute and affectionate sentient teddy bear who befriended Foundation personnel, but in truth is actually an amoral sociopath who lulled personnel into a false sense of security and uses human body parts and other materials to create violent hostile clones of itself. The first clone, 1048-A, is composed of human ears and when cornered by security let out a powerful screech that kill the entire team and nearby staff members. The second clone, 1048-B, attacked a female researcher and was revealed to be made with an UNBORN BABY that 1048 had removed from its pregnant mother, leaving the poor woman traumatized. The third and last known clone, 1048-C, was a metal and extremely hostile duplicate that viciously attacked and maimed various staff members and personnel.
  • SCP-1790 is a being that can respawn whenever it dies by possessing a human infant. Seemingly human, it uses each lifespan to found a powerful cult and eventually institutes ritualized mass murder and human sacrifice. When it is not stopped, SCP 1790 will direct its followers on large-scale mass murder campaigns against the general population before abandoning the cult and moving on to start a new one.
  • SCP-1548, or the Hateful Star as it's also called is a living star that feels nothing but pure disgust and contempt towards all life and moves through the universe, obliterating planet after planet in its wake. It especially loves going after planets inhabited by sentient life and sets its sight on Earth after realizing that it's being watched. As it slowly makes it's way to Earth, it sends sadistic and taunting messages via pulse every time it destroys a planet on the way over, letting Earth's inhabitants know full and well what it's intentions are.

Personnel and People of Interest

Other Media

  • The Operator from Marble Hornets is their take on Slender Man. But while the web series portrays him as a living virus, the film Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story gives him Adaptational Villainy and portrays him as a supernatural Serial Killer who possesses people and slaughters their loved ones and marks future victims. The Operator starts off by possessing a man and making him kill his girlfriend then goes after another family and drives them paranoid enough to try and escape the monster by travelling across the state. The Operator possesses the father and kill the daughter and nearly kills the wife, to which she kills him then attempts to commit suicide by burning down the house, but survives and becomes mentally broken by her experience. When a film crew investigates the disappearance of the family, the Operator goes after them too and kills Milo's dog to spite him. When Milos commits suicide to try and save him and his friends, the Operator possesses his corpse and slaughters everyone.
  • The Midnight Man from the film The Midnight Game (2018) is a Pagan spirit who was summoned to torture witches and Pagans who broke the rules and takes sadistic pleasure in torturing his victims. Bound and summoned by the Midnight Game, the Midnight Man murdered a group of children and Mind Raped the girl who survived the massacre to use as a pawn to lure in new victims, including the girl's daughter, for the spirit to torment. When a new Midnight Game is started, the Midnight Man shows the players their worst fears and even cheats the game to prolong their suffering and uses a former victim to kill off those not playing the game. The Midnight Man psychologically tortures them by changing the times on the clock to lure them into a false sense of security and gleefully remarks how their tears "mean nothing to me!"
  • The 2018 film's version of The Rake is less a feral mindless beast and more a cunning demonic entity that enjoys emotionally torturing its victims as much it does killing them. The Rake possesses its victims, causing them to commit murder and self-mutilation; it does this to murderer Jacob Murphy, before having him kill his psychiatrist and said psychiatrist's wife, then killing himself in front of their children Ben and Ashley. The Rake haunted them for years, even tormenting Ashley into having a traumatizing abortion by threatening her unborn child, leaving her broken ever since. When Ashley's cousin Nicole announces her pregnancy, the Rake taunts Ashley with visions and nightmares, before stating its intent on targeting Nicole's unborn baby. The Rake proceeds to slaughter the guests as Nicole's pregnancy celebration and tricks Ben into shooting Ashley. The Rake then possesses Ben, having him kill himself before manifesting from his corpse.