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The True Tropes Wiki is a community-edited wiki website dedicated to discussing Creators, Works, and Tropes -- the people, projects and patterns of creative writing in all kinds of entertainment: television, literature, movies, video games, and more.

Tropes are tools of the trade for writers; They are devices and conventions that we the audience expect to see again and again. Whether tropes are cliche or just standard for the genre is largely a matter of writing quality and personal opinion. But tropes will always exist, as they often reflect life -- and we exist to document them, play with them, and generally have fun with them.

This wiki is called The True Tropes because we wish to provide a true outlet for all objective and subjective tropes, even subjective tropes that are objectively defined, and reasonable discussion of patterns in all forms of media while keeping outright censorship to as bare a minimum as possible, though exceptions might be made for the more controversial pages. Unlike TV Tropes and all those who have followed in their footsteps, we encourage free, creative thought, breezy language, informal discussions of works both new and old, and a welcoming atmosphere to play around in. We hope to both educate and entertain -- to be both informal and informative. And we hope that you'll join us. So read, edit, have fun, and play nice! We hope to educate and entertain -- to be both informal and informative. And we hope that you'll join us. So read, edit, have fun, and play nice!

Differences from the competition

TV Tropes has notoriously heavy-handed and strict management, often arbitrarily so, that does not allow certain articles and topics to be discussed because of censorship policies that have been ostensibly imposed by their advertisement sponsors. As we have no widespread censorship and ads do not affect our content, this is not the case on TTT.

We are a fork of All The Tropes.org at Miraheze. They were a fork of TV Tropes, and while they do a few things better we feel TV Tropes does not, they made a decision to remove discussion of certain tropes we feel deserve discussion, no matter what risks are entailed in allowing their discussion, and to disallow edits that don't jive with their "anything goes" policies, including deletion of information that could be false, misleading, and not in line with the tropes they're placed under. As such, they have became far more like TV Tropes than what should have been acceptable given the initial mission statement behind the fork. So we we forked due to irreconcilable ideological differences in how to run things, chiefly our desire to not remove discussion of certain tropes for any reason because we feel that is a bridge too far. All The Tropes is free to restrict discussion and editing of whatever they wish on their wiki, but we feel they are worse off for doing so and thus this fork hopes to avoid that.

It is a Wikia fork of All The Tropes,org, and as such there's always risk of it being as wildly edited and largely unruly as it's Miraheze based counterpart. Can be considered a sister Wiki to this one: content from there can be imported here and vice-versa, under the terms of the CC-BY-SA license.

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We have more than just Trope And Works pages, below are the other major sections of the wiki:
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